Calendar of Events

Please note that current events WILL be affected by Coronavirus. Please go to our YouTube page for online services.

The week's events
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5 April, 2021

Category: Youth7:00 pm: Impact - via Zoom

6 April, 2021

Category: Midweek9:15 am: Morning Prayer - YouTube

Category: Youth7:30 pm: Ignition - via Zoom

7 April, 2021

Category: Midweek10:00 am: Ladies Bible Study (Zoom)

Category: Midweek2:00 pm: Songs of Praise

Category: Midweek8:00 pm: Joint Prayer Meetings

8 April, 2021

Category: Midweek9:00 am: Reflections on the Psalms - YouTube

9 April, 2021 10 April, 2021 11 April, 2021

Category: Sunday Morning10:00 am: Morning Service

Category: Sunday Other4:30 pm: Little Eaton Afternoon Service - on YouTube