BEYOND COVID – everyone has a story

Drop in, Thursday Afternoons, 1pm–3pm, Duffield Church Hall

Beyond Covid - Everyone has a story

Offering a space for anyone affected by Covid to explore their story over coffee, cake & optional crafts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, in one way or another, affected everyone and impacted all ages. Some have been affected by isolation and loss of social contact. Others have been ill with COVID or watched loved ones being ill with it and lived in fear of losing them. For many who had COVID, some symptoms persist beyond the initial illness.

An estimated 1.1 million people in the UK are currently reporting “Long COVID” with symptoms including fatigue, brain fog and breathlessness. Many people who have had COVID have not had a chance to talk about what happened to them and to share their experience. Some people have lost loved ones to this terrible virus and others have lost loved ones during this period due to other conditions or circumstances, but all have been affected by restrictions on funeral arrangements and the limits of social distancing, adding further anguish to the grieving process.

The church family at St Alkmund’s have therefore set up a drop-in space for people who have been affected by COVID in any way. Evidence emerging from COVID research suggests that there is a great need for people to have an opportunity to talk about their experiences. This is something we can offer to our community which is not currently available through any charities or any other organisations.

However, we are not offering a COVID-recovery programme (these are available through the GP/NHS). Rather, a safe space for people to come and chat (or just come and “be”), and to be heard. The Drop-in space is held weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1pm–3pm in the Church Hall.

There are refreshments (including cake!) available throughout the afternoon. People are free to come and just sit with refreshments, have a chat (or not), go for a short walk (time determined by those wishing to go and their energy levels), do a crafting activity, plant seeds, do a jigsaw or another activity.

The drop-in space is aimed at enabling people to feel relaxed, have something to do with their hands if they want to, have space to think and, if they want to, talk about their experience of the pandemic, whatever that might be.

Bring a friend if you would like to. Everyone is welcome.

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