Vicar’s Blog 14th July

Vicar’s Blog 14th July

The Vicarage
14th July 2019
Dear Friends,

As we continue to move towards the changes that are coming in September, I want to focus on two issues.

First, please do pray on for the appointment of a Trainee Minister. Our first round of advertising which closed on the 30th June did not yield any results, so we are planning to re-advertise, with a deadline in the Autumn. Pray that we will be able to appoint the right man for this job, and for his future role at both our churches. Whilst his particular focus will depend on the gifts God has given him, we will be looking to spend the time of ‘overlap’ with him and Dave to prepare ourselves for the future.

Second, as you will know on the 15th September 2019, we will be launching a new Afternoon Service at Little Eaton at 4.30pm. Initially this is something that Dave and I will be working on together, longer term this will allow me to be at all three main services in the benefice every Sunday. This is an exciting opportunity to do something new, and to seek to reach a new group of people, in Little Eaton, but also more widely.

However, we do need people to come along from Duffield to support that service, a team of ‘servants willing and temporary’ (SWAT), for those of you who remember a similar team we sent to Christ Church Derby in the beginning. For some that will mean attending the afternoon service along with services here at Duffield where possible, others might be able to get involved in serving, particularly with Children’s activities for those under 11. Other may be able to help in different ways. I am conscious that this is an extra commitment, and so we will need to be flexible with the support people can give. Over the next two months I will be recruiting this team. If you are interested in being part of the SWAT team, please do speak to me, and don’t be too surprised if I speak to you!

There are lots more things I could say about the changes that are coming up, and I will continue to update you through the summer. Do continue to join us for our Joint Prayer Meetings every week through July and August on a Wednesday evening. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other better at both churches as we pray together.

Interesting times, and a time of opportunity. Do continue to pray for both our churches as we all make adjustments.
Yours in Christ,