Vicar’s Blog 19th May 2019

Vicar’s Blog 19th May 2019

The Vicarage
19th May 2019
Dear Friends,
This morning we come to the end of our short series, looking at what it means to be Devoted to God, and Devoted to One Another. If you have missed any of the sermons, I would encourage you to catch up online – you can find the audio at (it usually updates on Tuesdays, so if one isn’t there, check back then). But after the sermon series finishes, we want to continue to think and act upon what this means for us as a church. And to do that, I want to revisit our MATURE statement, and just gather together a few of the things we have already talked about, by way of reminder:
Meeting God Daily – we want to be devoted to God, and so let’s strive to be reading our bibles and praying. If you want some material to help with this, do let me know. Attending Church weekly – let’s strive to meet to hear God’s word, to pray, to praise Him, and to encourage one another. Sundays give us the opportunity to be God’s people together in a very special and valuable way. Taking the small group challenge – if you want to join one, let me know.

Using God given gifts and resources – as we saw last week, we want to use our gifts to build up the body of Christ, the church. Do look at the ‘Opportunities to Serve’ section of the weekly news. And if nothing there look like something you want to do, or you have an idea, let me know. Reaching out in love – let’s think of how we can spend perhaps just a little more time with each other, to get to know one another, that we might reach out and help each other. Evangelistically active – more on that this morning!

After all, as we have been seeing:
We want to go deeper in our knowledge and love for Christ and His people
We want to go wider in reaching more people with the good news of Jesus
We want to go higher in pursuing Christ-like character together
Keep these things in mind, as we think together on what it means to be Devoted to God, and Devoted to One Another

Yours in Christ