Vicar’s Blog 3rd March 2019

Vicar’s Blog 3rd March 2019

The Vicarage
3rd March 2019
Dear Friends
This week we came to the end of our course looking at the Way, the Truth and The Life on Thursdays. In the second half of that course we have been looking at the Ten Commandments and thinking about how they teach us to live as God’s people. We’ve looked at our duties to God, and to neighbour. We have seen juts how much of life is covered when you think about the commandments in the context of the whole bible.
One of the documents we have uses to help us on the way is the Anglican Catechism, which puts our duties to neighbour in this way:
Q12 What is your duty to your neighbour? My duty to my neighbour is: to love him as myself and to do to all as I wish they would do to me; to love, honour, and care for my parents; to honour and obey the Queen and all in authority under her; to submit to my teachers and spiritual pastors; to be humble and show respect; to hurt no one by word or deed; to be true and just in all that I do; to bear no malice or hatred in my heart; to keep my hands from stealing and my tongue from evil speaking, lying, and slandering; to keep my body in temperance, sobriety, and chastity; not to covet nor desire other people’s goods; but to learn to work honestly for my own living and to do my duty in that state of life to which it shall please God to call me.
A challenging list, and something for all of us to reflect upon as we seek to be the people God has called us to be. At the same time, we have recognised that we don’t manage to keep God’s commands – and we certainly can’t even begin to keep them without His help. Which is why the next question of the catechism begins in this way:
Q13 You are not able to do these things in your own strength, nor are you able to keep his commandments or serve him without his special grace. This you must learn at all times to call for by diligent prayer. Therefore recite the Lord’s Prayer.

So, as well as teaching us how to live, the commandments teach us to rely and God, to pray to Him, and to seek him. Let us encourage one another in this as we seek together to be the people God has called us to be.

Yours in Christ