Flood Damage – Current Situation

Update from Friday 14/2/2020

Hello, we thought it had been a long time since we’d last updated you on the situation with the hall etc, so, here we are.

The contents of the kitchen are in the middle of the hall under cover. The kitchen is completely gutted, there is a tiny serving area which the refreshments team are coping wonderfully with (meaning we can have coffee after a service). Thanks everyone who is dealing with that.

We cannot accept any bookings for the hall. The work has been assessed, scheduled, but not started, and so, we don’t know how long it’s going to be. We know the work is likely to take around 2 months or so, but we don’t have a start date. Therefore, we are taking no bookings until we can be sure that we can honour our commitments.

There are a lot of things in storage. We had to do that as there wasn’t enough room to store things and allow the builders to be able to get around to do their work.

Please be aware of this if you come down to church and cannot find something. It is more than likely with loads of other bits and pieces that will all be returned once the work had been completed in the hall. If you require something in the meantime and have to purchase it yourself, please let the office know. We don’t know where the storage facility is, and things were packed into crates, and so, retrieval is not an option.

Thank you for your patience.


Update from Friday 13/12/19

Our phone number has been restored to us.

The hearing loop has gone loopy.

We have a copier, and a more workable office. We’re preparing for Christmas in earnest now, and really excited to be welcoming folk in Sunday morning at 10am, for what we hope will be a really joyous celebration of returning “home”. Can we welcome you that morning as well?

Work has started in the hall, and it’s f-f-f-f-freezing.

We are going to be serving coffee and tea after the service in the morning, so we’d love if you could stay and chat and see the work that has gone on.

In the afternoon is our Christingle service, at 4.30pm. Do join us. We’d love to share with you our great joy of the season, our joy at being “home, but also our continued joy of meeting together as God’s people.

So many people have worked so hard this week – and we’re so grateful.

This will be my last update of this year, as there’s little more to update you with until we know a bit more in the New Year.

Pictures from the vestry and the hall.

 Our new Copier – Yay!


Update from Friday 6/12/19

We have a new temporary floor in the church and the builders have moved in (as has a mouse – sighted last Tuesday). We are looking ahead to next week when carpets are going to be fitted, church cleaned, stuff moved, or and everything generally straightened. In the meantime, the chairs are back in.               

The hall kitchen has been completely stripped out, and a metre of plaster has been removed right around the hall walls.

It looks surreal. But, it’s good to know that things are getting started.

A lot of things have been put into storage. We had to do this to allow us to still use the church. We will let church family know when the items are returned.

I think that’s it for this week; hopefully we can tell you more after next weeks activities, but in the meantime, we look ahead to welcoming people on 15th December for 10am Communion and our Christingle Service (The dolly mixtures arrived yesterday!).

Update from Friday 29/11/19

The church is dry, messy, misplaced and a bit unoccupied, but we as a people are ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven. Throughout the frustrations and stresses of this week, we have needed to remind ourselves of this.

We are still without copier, phone, but, we’re getting around things.

Whilst it is great to have such a beautiful and ancient building, which means such a lot to those who have had links with it now and in the past, we’re also aware that we’re also caring for it for future generations as well. And, it has to be said that the church being in this state is giving us a great opportunity to look at new ways of doing things, or new layouts.

The builders will be turning up on Monday morning at 8am, and work will begin on making the church safe and presentable for Christmas, and also on the hall to begin the drying process proper.

We’ll be moving back into church w/c 9/12, so any volunteers, please let the church office know and we’ll keep you in mind.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We have felt your prayers and good wishes.



Update from Friday 22/11/19

Well, some good news to start with – we no longer have a mouse problem.

This week we’ve had meetings with the Loss Adjuster, Insurers and the Disaster Recovery people, and is looking even more likely that we will be back in the church for our Christingle service on 15th December at 4.30pm. Put it in your diary! We will be meeting there at 10am in the morning as well. The bells will once again ring and we hope to be able to welcome many of you back to our church home.

However, the hall is damaged extensively and it will be a while until we are in any position to hold any groups in there. We are currently not taking ANY bookings, and will reassess this in the New Year, when we can take stock and see how the work is progressing. The kitchen needs a lot of work, the plaster and timber in the hall needs to be removed and replaced. But, we have a clean church.

In the meantime, William Gilbert School have offered their premises for the next 3 weeks. So, we will be meeting there this Sunday (24th November) and 1st & 8th December.

The office phone is still not sorted, but the number has been diverted, so if you ring, you will get a response. Please try and avoid ringing in the evenings, and at Weekends, as the office is not technically open then. (Church Office in it’s current state)

The staff team are now a little more settled in their new surroundings, and it looks more and more likely that we will be here for a couple of months.


Update from 14/11/19

The cleaners are gone, but the drying is still ongoing.

We have not received the certificate to say the church is safe, so please refrain form going down to have a look. If there’s something you think you urgently need, let the office know.

We have meetings with various agencies next week and should be able to update you then.

In the meantime, the office will be closed tomorrow. And we’ll see you on Sunday, either at William Gilbert school at 10am, or St Paul’s Little Eaton at 4.30pm. 

Update from 13/11/19

First day in our new office!

Thank you for your concern over various members of staff. I’m pleased to say, they’ve been here, and are now safely housed in friends houses.

On Sunday we’ll be worshipping together at William Gilbert School at 10am. Please use the junior entrance and car parking is available on the playground. If you are able to walk or car share, please do so, we have limited spaces.

We are currently working on Sundays service sheets and notices. You can find the notice sheet on the website from tomorrow, or Friday and we’ll email them and the service sheet out to church members who wish to be contacted. Please print these off if you are able. There will be a small supply at church, but we’re trying to limit the number we need to print for the time being.

You have all been incredibly helpful during this time and we’ve been bowled over by your offers to help.

We have been delighted at the speed in which the Disaster Recovery people have been able to get to work.

Here are a few images of church from this morning.

Update from 12/11/19

We have new digs for the office! We’ll be based in Unit 3 Heritage Business Park. We moved in today, but we’ll properly in place by close of play tomorrow. We eon’t have a phone for a while, but you can contact us either via the vicarage on 01332 841867, or on Emma’s mobile 07534 175773, or Diane on 07901 044181. There is limited space in the office, and limited parking, so, although it would be lovely to see you, we will need to co-ordinate visitors for a while, so please phone before you come. Also, we currently have no photocopier, so if you’re coming down for that, don’t.

As of tomorrow, Diane and Emma will be returning to normal business hours of 9am – 3pm.

The Disaster Recovery people have moved into church. This is still a no go area. The church is currently being dried out and cleaned. It is still a “No-go” area. When they have finished, they will give us a certificate to say the church is safe for us to go into. Once the church is dried and cleaned, we will meet with insurers and loss adjusters again next week which will give us a much clearer picture of how long the repairs may take and the level of damage. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

The council, we are assured, will  be cleaning up the  war memorial and road very soon, so once that has been done, we can inform you of this. This is the reason that the Remembrance wreaths cannot be placed onto the memorial. The water came quite a way up the steps. We would hate for anyone to get sick as a result of this.

It is likely that some Christmas Services will be affected and we will be sending out information regarding this as we continue to assess the situation. We are being careful not to make any promises we can’t keep.

We are very grateful to our Insurers and Loss adjuster who have worked really quickly and got things moving.

And thank you to our church for being really understanding; for stepping up to the plate when asked; for praying and for all the offers of help.

We’ll try and update again in very soon.

Update from 11/11/19

The situation so far is that the church was heavily flooded on Friday – Saturday 8th November 2019. We are currently meeting with loss adjusters, industrial cleaners and the Environmental Agency due to contaminated water flooding the church and hall.

If you have a regular hall booking with us, then it will be cancelled for this week at least. If you have an event coming up and are concerned, please call Emma Rollin (one of the church secretaries) on 01773 825895 and she can put you in the picture.

Please do not go down to the church. It is unsafe and we don’t know what we’re dealing with until we’ve spoken to the necessary agencies. A local sewage works was flooded, so there’s all sorts of nastiness down there. This is for your own safety. We’ve been very blessed that, so far,we have suffered no injury, we don’t want to risk it at this stage.

In the meantime, we met at William Gilbert school on Sunday morning following the Act of Remembrance – Thank you to the Parish Council for organising the necessary changes around that.

We will confirm details for next weeks 10am service on this page.

The 6.30pm evening services will be cancelled until we can get back into the building.

We’ll keep you updated via facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via this page of the website and we’ll send regular emails to church members.

Assume all is cancelled until further notice, and we’ll try and keep you as updated as possible.


Thank you for your patience.