Meeting God Daily

Our MATURE series introduced us to be thinking more deeply about what it should look like to be a Community of worshippers and servants as we mature together in our faith. We looked at the following

M = Meeting God Daily

A = Attending Church Weekly

T = Taking the Small Group Challenge

U = Using God-Given Gifts & Resources

R = Reaching Out in Love

E = Evangelistically Active

Please see the attached notes for the MATURE series handouts, which encourage us to study God’s word together at home.

mature week1 (1)

mature week2 (1)

mature week3 (1)

mature week4

mature week5

mature week6

We then looked at being Evangelistically Active over 5 weeks and were again encouraged to study daily. The handouts for those are also attached.

EA week 1

EA Week 2

EA week 3 (1)

EA week 4 (1)

EA Week 5