As a church, we support both UK organisations and wider overseas mission partners. We also support individual missionaries with whom we have links, who are working in various parts of the world.


St Alkmund’s has a long history of supporting Mission Partners and we were very happy with our association with Dr Simon Walton and his wife Laura and family who spent many years in various parts of Tanzania culminating in six years in Dar es Salaam.
They are home in Manchester now and you might like to read about Dr Ted & his wife Dr Rachel Watts who are going to Madagascar and Graeme and his wife Bequi who are going to Chisinau in Moldova. We pray for them and their families that their time may be blessed and fruitful.

Ted and Rachel Watts


Ted & Rachael Watts
Medical Mission at The Good News Hospital,
Mandritsara, Madagascar


We would be so thrilled if you feel able to commit to pray regularly for us in the coming months and years.

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Currently: Ted working part time and doing theological study, Rachel is on maternity leave.

Feb 2017: Start French language study in Massy, near ParisAutumn 2017: Malagasy language study in Madagascar for 6 months, before joining the Good News Project

Autumn 2017: Malagasy language study in Madagascar for 6 months, before joining the Good News Project


Email address: wattsinmadagascar@gmail.com
Blog: www.wattsinmadagascar.wordpress.com
Instagram: @wattsinmadagascar
Project website: www.mandritsara.org.uk

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, in person or by email.

St Alkmund’s Church has recently begun a new partnership with Dr. Ted and his wife Dr. Rachel Watts, who will be going with their children Ethan and Jamie to a hospital at Mandritsara in the north of Madagascar in November of this year.

They say:
The Good News Project started 20 years ago, with the aim of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Mandritsara district. The work started as a small clinic and has grown over the years to include a hospital, community health work, a nursing school, a radio station and a primary school. The mission of the project is to proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus, to teach the Bible, and to care for those in need the way Jesus did.

Through the work of the hospital, community health team and church, there are now around 70 groups of Christians meeting in villages across the Mandritsara district.

Medicine and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Our passion is for bringing gospel hope and compassionate medical care where both are so desperately needed.

The people of Mandritsara district, Madagascar are predominantly subsistence rice farmers. Many live in extremely remote villages that are very difficult to access. The predominant spiritual beliefs in this area are animistic – belief in the power of spiritual beings and forces over everyday life. Animism is characterised by fear and guilt, which offers no hope beyond the here and now.
The medical need faced by the people of Madagascar is huge, with around 1 in 20 children dying before their 5th birthday, women and babies dying in childbirth, and young and old facing life-long disability from diseases that can be treated very simply when resources allow.

The Good News Project provides the opportunity to minister gospel hope to the many thousands of visitors to the hospital each year, at the same time as offering them compassionate medical care.

The Gospel is wonderful news for those from animist backgrounds. In Jesus Christ guilt is paid for, fear is cast out, demonic forces are defeated and deep joy is found.

After a period of language study, we will both be working at the Good News Hospital. Ted will mainly be doing surgery of all types and Rachel will focus on paediatrics, but we will both be caring for patients with a wide variety of problems. We anticipate that Ethan will attend the Good News School and that we will both be spending some time at home with Jamie, at least initially.
As well as medical work and evangelism at the hospital, we hope to serve the project and the people of Mandritsara in other ways. We are excited about the potential for us to be involved in supporting small village churches and Bible training for village church leaders. We also have a heart to see God raise up mission-minded Malagasy healthcare workers.

Graeme and Bequi Innes

Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries. Less well known, though, is Moldova’s spiritual impoverishment. Most of the 4 million people who live there would regard themselves as Orthodox Christian but Wonderfully, there has been significant gospel growth since Moldova’s independence in 1991. This has been hampered by many Christians emigrating – 25% of all Moldovans work abroad!

There are major strengths within Moldovan evangelicalism: the Church is zealous in evangelism and preaching is done passionately. However, churches are often weak at discipling believers. Moldova is starving for faithful bible teaching and training. The gospel need is great, but the workers are few.

In 2004 Graeme spent a year serving at a church in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, igniting his passion for the country and its people. He learned the language (Romanian) and has since led multiple mission trips to Moldova. Currently, Graeme and Bequi serve at Christ Church Leyton as the Associate Minister and Women’s Worker respectively. Many of the Moldovans in London live in Leyton and there is a Moldovan congregation at Christ Church Leyton. Every week, Graeme and Bequi have many gospel and discipleship opportunities with Moldovans through their various ministries, and one of the ladies is teaching Bequi Romanian.

In preparation for ministry in Moldova, Graeme has completed the ‘Associate Scheme’ at St Helen’s Bishopsgate and a Master’s degree in Theology. In addition, he is now finishing his fourth year part-time on the ‘Theology for Crossing Cultures’ course at Oak Hill College, where Bequi also has audited the cross-cultural modules.

Graeme and Bequi are convinced of the need for committed partners to support and pray regularly for their ministry. Would you consider joining them in praying for the work they will undertake and/or supporting them financially for an initial period of three years?Their

Their three-year budget provides for a wide range of expenses including their set up costs in Moldova, salaries, pension, accommodation, healthcare and travel expenses. They require £22,000for 2017 (August-December), £36,000 for 2018, £35,000 for 2019 and £26,000 for 2020 (January-July). Please contact http://www.crosslinks.org if you would like any further information on the breakdown of this budget.

Keep updated with prayer requests by joining their facebook page “Pray for the Innes family in Moldova”.